The ProPart Lucky Number Draw!

We draw ten winners each month - is it you?

Lucky Number Winners

May 2023 Winning Numbers

N25000, N25077, N25161, N25266, N25315, N25406, N25469, N25532, N25882, N25987

A Lucky Number ticket is included with every order that gets dispatched!

See below for previous months' Winning Numbers

Previous months' winning numbers

April 2023 Winning Numbers

P40021, P40126, P40371, P40518, P40812, P40959, P41001, P41148, P41239, P41428

March 2023 Winning Numbers

C62170, C62443, C62632, C62779, C62905, C63150, C63479, C63619, C63766, C63871

February 2023 Winning Numbers

H33891, H33940, H33919, H33996, H34045, H34101, H34227, H34843, H34969, H35032

January 2023 Winning Numbers

X70905, X71087, X71262, X71360, X71402, X71444, X71549, X71612, X71710, X71759

December 2022 Winning Numbers

V67442, V67589, V67778, V68037, V68296, V68751, V68940, V69101, V69164, V69255

November 2022 Winning Numbers

T54321, T54496, T54601, T54734, T54951, T55140, T55315, T55504, T55637, T56148

October 2022 Winning Numbers

R41359, R41562, R41926, R42045, R42311, R42766, R42969, R43270, R43403, R43802

September 2022 Winning Numbers

P37610,  P37631,  P37743,  P37771,  P37820,  P37834,  P37897,  P37904,  P38009,  P38086

NB. Sept 2022 is the last month that Lucky Number tickets will be issued by mail. Going forward from October 2022, a Lucky Number ticket will be included with each order that gets dispatched.

June / July / August 2022 Winning Numbers

B10035, B10084, B10091, B10175, B10203, B10231, B10252, B10308, B10455, B10553, B10679, B10700, B10756, B10840, B10854, B10938, B11008, B11141, B11155, B11267, B11379, B11393, B11463, B11512, B11533

NB. This is the last time the prizes will be drawn quarterly - from September 2022 a lucky number ticket will be included in every parcel sent and winners will be drawn monthly -  rewarding more loyal customers more often!

Terms & Conditions

Winning numbers are drawn at random on a monthly basis, in the first week of the month. Winning numbers will be published to this webpage and our Facebook page, and winners will not be notified separately as we don't know who the recipients are of the lucky numbers drawn! If we haven't posted the winning numbers yet, please be patient, we will!  Open to New Zealand residents only. Prize not transferable or redeemable for cash. Ticket holders must be a customer of ProPart or have done business with us in the past. Prize is forfeited if not redeemed within 8 weeks of the draw.

Claiming your prize?

Take a photo of your winning lucky ticket and email it to us to claim your prize!

Or if you prefer old school, post it back to us at PO Box 7405, Taradale, Napier, 4141, New Zealand.

How to get in the draw

Every order that gets dispatched from ProPart will receive a Lucky Number ticket.

Hold on to this ticket, then at the start of the next month we'll publish the results here, on our Facebook page and on the next month's Lucky Number ticket.

If you're a winner, get in touch and we'll hook you up with a prize!


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