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Lucky number draw


Lucky number winners

A Lucky Number ticket is included with every order that gets dispatched!

Claiming your prize?
Take a photo of your winning lucky ticket and email it to us to claim your prize!
Or if you prefer old school, post it back to us at PO Box 7405, Taradale, Napier, 4141, New Zealand.

May 2024 Winning Numbers

K93098, K93665, K93896, K94281, K94610, K94981, K95289, K95323, K95344, K95371

Do you have the lucky number

Previous months' winning numbers

April 2024 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

P82000, P82420, P82693, P83092, P83505, P83918, P84303, P84562, P84751, P85332

March 2024 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

T71049, T71336, T71525, T71525, T72288, T72603, T72876, T73163, T73338, T73772

February 2024 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

H60049, H60308, H60693, H60840, H61183, H61526, H61967, H62450, H62751

January 2024 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

A50077, A50266, A50504, A50637, A50700, A50706, A50738, A50763, A50690, A50028

December 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

N30014, N30196, N30315, N30518, N31050, N31155, N31358, N31631, N31694, N31932

November 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

T10294, T10448, T10553, T10602, T10637, T10728, T10791, T10896, T11001, T11148

October 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

J60021, J60371, J60581, J60672, J60945, J61232, J61393, J61659, J61911, J62058

September 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

B40014, B40483, B40721, B40770, B40966, B41190, B41596, B41715, B41911, B42023

August 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

G20042, G20231, G20525, G20623, G20896, G21106, G21491, G21582, G21792, G22065

July 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

M15112, M15245, M15336, M15504, M15609, M15868, M16050, M16337, M16785, M17058

June 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

A52014, A52189, A52287, A52672, A52791, A53001, A53295, A53568, A53960, A54079

March 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

C62170, C62443, C62632, C62779, C62905, C63150, C63479, C63619, C63766, C63871

April 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

P40021, P40126, P40371, P40518, P40812, P40959, P41001, P41148, P41239, P41428

May 2023 Winning Numbers

Winning numbers

N25000, N25077, N25161, N25266, N25315, N25406, N25469, N25532, N25882, N25987

Lucky number draw

How to get in the draw

Every order that gets dispatched from ProPart will receive a Lucky Number ticket.

Hold on to this ticket, then at the start of the next month we’ll publish the results here, on our Facebook page and on the next month’s Lucky Number ticket.

If you’re a winner, get in touch and we’ll hook you up with a prize!

Terms & Conditions

Winning numbers are drawn at random on a monthly basis, in the first week of the month. Winning numbers will be published to this webpage and our Facebook page, and winners will not be notified separately as we don't know who the recipients are of the lucky numbers drawn! If we haven't posted the winning numbers yet, please be patient, we will! Open to New Zealand residents only. Prize not transferable or redeemable for cash. Ticket holders must be a customer of ProPart or have done business with us in the past. Prize is forfeited if not redeemed within 8 weeks of the draw.

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