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There is a great range of aftermarket parts available for Case tractors that we at ProPart either carry in stock or can source quickly from our European suppliers. Give us a call today!

Case IH is a major global brand in the farm equipment industry and their tractors can be found all over the world.

We can help you with parts for all the major Case tractor 'families'.

Case IH models supported:

Magnum Series

Magnum 200
Magnum 220
Magnum 240
Magnum 250
Magnum 280
Magnum 310
Magnum 340
Magnum 380

Optum CVT

Optum 270 CVT
Optum 300 CVT

Puma Tier 3

Puma 125
Puma 130
Puma 140
Puma 145
Puma 155
Puma 160
Puma 165
Puma 180
Puma 195
Puma 210
Puma 225

Puma Tier 4B

Puma 150 CVX
Puma 165 CVX
Puma 175 CVX
Puma 185 CVX
Puma 200 CVX
Puma 220 CVX
Puma 240 CVX

Maxxum Series

Maxxum 110 ROPS
Maxxum 125 ROPS
Maxxum 110 cab
Maxxum 125 cab
Maxxum 140 cab

Farmall Series

Farmall B - 20B to 60B
Farmall JX - 75JX  to 110JX
Farmall C - 85C to 115C
Farmall U - 105U, 115U
Farmall JXM - 75JXM, 90JXM

Quantum Series

Quantum V - 65V to 105V
Quantum N - 75N to 105N
Quantum F - 75F to 105F

Product Showcase

Popular Case IH Parts

A small showcase of some popular Case tractor parts products.  Get in touch with us now to secure the right parts for your tractor repair.

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