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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

ProPart Part No: 640761CP
OEM No: 640761CP
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  • All orders are dispatched from our Napier warehouse by tracked courier.
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This Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor fits some tractors of the following brands:

  • Case
  • New Holland

Please see Model Compatibility for more info.

You can also find this Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in our Electrical System section.

This part suits a range of OEM part numbers and brands, including:

OEM references
504333094, 2854542

Part numbers are for reference purposes only. All parts have OEM References. If you’re unsure, contact us to confirm the suitability for your tractor.

We’ll guarantee that any part we recommend as a result will be the right one, or your money back.

This part is suitable for the following tractor models:

  1. If you’re unsure, contact us to confirm the suitability for your tractor as serial number changes can make choosing the right part a challenge.
  2. We’ll guarantee that any part we recommend as a result will be the right one, or your money back.
  3. Parts that are non-stock items may not be returnable.

New Holland

CNH Engines
F4DE9484A J105, F4DE9484A J107, F4DE9684B J100, F4DE9684B J104, F4DE9684B J112, F4DE9684B J114, F4DE9684B J116, F4DE9684B J117, F4DE9684B J119, F4DE9684J J107, F4DE9684L J103, F4DE9684L J112, F4DE9684L J113, F4DFE4131 B007, F4DFE4131 B008, F4DFE4131 B011, F4DFE4131 B015, F4DFE4132 B005, F4DFE4132 B006, F4DFE4132 B010, F4DFE4132 B011, F4DFE4133 B007, F4DFE4133 B008, F4DFE4133 B014, F4DFE4134 B005, F4DFE4134 B006, F4DFE4134 B006 for CVT, F4DFE4134 B011, F4DFE413A A003, F4DFE413A A011, F4DFE413A A012, F4DFE413A A013, F4DFE413B A002, F4DFE413B A005, F4DFE413B A006, F4DFE413C A003, F4DFE413C A004, F4DFE413C A010, F4DFE413C A011, F4DFE413C A012, F4DFE413D A002, F4DFE413D A006, F4DFE413E A002, F4DFE413E A006, F4DFE414B B001, F4DFE414B B002, F4DFE414C B001, F4DFE414C B002, F4DFE414D B001, F4DFE414D B002, F4DFE414E B001, F4DFE414E B002, F4DFE6132 A002, F4DFE6132 A003, F4DFE6132 A005, F4DFE6132 A006, F4DFE6132 B007, F4DFE6132 B009, F4DFE6132 B010, F4DFE613B A004, F4DFE613B B005, F4DFE613B B006, F4DFE613E A002, F4DFE613E A003, F4DFE613F A002, F4DFE613F A003, F4DFE613G, F4DFE613J A004, F4DFE613J B005, F4DFE613J B006, F4DFE613K B006, F4DFE613K B007, F4DFE613K B008, F4DFE614B B001, F4DFE614G B002, F4DFE614G B003, F4DFE617L B002, F4DFE617L B002 for CVT, F4DFE617L B004, F4DFE617L B005, F4DFE617M B001, F4DFE617M B001 for CVT, F4DFE617M B002, F4DGE4131 V002, F4DGE4131 V004, F4DGE4131 V005, F4DGE4131 V007, F4DGE4131 V009, F4DGE4131 V010, F4DGE4132 V002, F4DGE4132 V003, F4DGE4132 V004, F4DGE413C V002, F4DGE413C V004, F4DGE413C V005, F4DGE413C V006, F4DGE413C V009, F4DGE413C V010, F4DGE413D V001, F4DGE413D V002, F4DGE413D V003, F4DGE413E V001, F4DGE413E V002, F4DGE413E V003, F4DGE413F V001, F4DGE413F V002, F4DGE413F V003, F4DGE413G V001, F4DGE413G V002, F4DGE413G V003, F4DGE413H V001, F4DGE413H V002, F4DGE413H V003, F4DGE413P V001, F4DGE413R V001, F4DGE413S V001, F4DGE413T V001, F4DGE6136 V001, F4DGE6136 V002, F4DGE6136 V004, F4DGE6136 V005, F4DGE6136 V008, F4DGE6136 V009, F4DGE6137 K004, F4DGE6137 V001, F4DGE6137 V002, F4DGE6139 V001, F4DGE6139 V002, F4DGE6139 V003, F4DGE613C K003, F4DGE613C V001, F4DGE613C V002, F4DGE613C V004, F4DGE613C V005, F4DGE613C V007, F4DGE613C V009, F4DGE613C V010, F4DGE613C V011, F4DGE613C V012, F4DGE613C V016, F4DGE613C V018, F4DGE613C V020, F4DGE613D V001, F4DGE613D V003, F4DGE613D V004, F4DGE613D V006, F4DGE613D V007, F4DGE613D V009, F4DGE613D V010, F4DGE613D V011, F4DGE613D V012, F4DGE613D V014, F4DGE613D V016, F4DGE613N V001, F4DGE613N V003, F4DGE613N V004, F4DGE613N V005, F4DGE613P K001, F4DGE613P K002, F4DGE613P K004, F4DGE613S V001, F4DGE613S V003, F4DGE613S V004, F4DGE613S V005, F4DGE613S V007, F4DGE613T V001, F4DGE613T V002, F4DGE613T V003, F4DGE613T V004, F4DGE613U V001, F4DGE613U V002, F4DGE613U V003, F4DGE613U V004, F4DGE613U V005, F4DGE613U V006, F4DGE613U V008, F4DGE613V V001, F4DGE613V V002, F4DGE613V V003, F4DGE613V V004, F4DGE613Y V001, F4DGE613Y V002, F4DGE613Y V003, F4DGE613Y V004, F4DGE613Y V005, F4DGE613Y V006, F4DGE613Y V008, F4DGE614A V001, F4DGE614A V002, F4DGE614A V003, F4DGE614H V001, F4DGE614H V002, F4DGE614H V003, F4DGE617D K002, F4DGE617D V001, F4DGE617D V002, F4DGE617D V004, F4DGE617D V005, F4DGE617D V007, F4DGE617D V008, F4DGE617D V012, F4DGE617D V018, F4DGE617E K001, F4DGE617E V001, F4DGE617E V002, F4DGE617E V003, F4DGE617E V004, F4DGE617E V008, F4DGE617K V001, F4DGE617K V002, F4DGE617K V003, F4DGE617L V002, F4DGE617L V003, F4DGE617L V004, F4DGE617L V005, F4DGE617L V007, F4HE0484G J100, F4HE0484G J102, F4HE0484G J113, F4HE9484C J100, F4HE9484C J102, F4HE9484C J103, F4HE9484C J111, F4HE9484C J112, F4HE9484M J100, F4HE9484M J101, F4HE9684B J104, F4HE9684C J106, F4HE9684D J100, F4HE9684D J101, F4HE9684D J102, F4HE9684D J103, F4HE9684D J105, F4HE9684D J109, F4HE9684E J107, F4HE9684F J109, F4HE9684J J100, F4HE9684J J102, F4HE9684J J106, F4HE9684K J100, F4HE9684K J103, F4HE9684U J101, F4HE9684U J104, F4HE9687G J100, F4HE9687G J101, F4HE9687G J104, F4HE9687G J106, F4HE9687G J108, F4HE9687L J100, F4HE9687L J101, F4HE9687M J100, F4HE9687M J106, F4HE9687M J107, F4HE9687S J100, F4HE9687S J106, F4HE9687T J104, F4HE9687T J109, F4HE9687ZJ101, F4HFA613K E005, F4HFA613S E001, F4HFA613S E003, F4HFE4135 B003, F4HFE413A E001, F4HFE413A E002, F4HFE413H A001, F4HFE413H A007, F4HFE413H B004, F4HFE413H B006, F4HFE413J A002, F4HFE413J A003, F4HFE413N B006, F4HFE413P A001, F4HFE413V B003, F4HFE413X B003, F4HFE413Y B003, F4HFE6131 A005, F4HFE6131 B003, F4HFE6132 A003, F4HFE6133 B003, F4HFE6138 A002, F4HFE6138 B002, F4HFE613A B004, F4HFE613A B006, F4HFE613B B006, F4HFE613B B008, F4HFE613C B004, F4HFE613C B008, F4HFE613D B006, F4HFE613D B007, F4HFE613F A001, F4HFE613F B002, F4HFE613F B004, F4HFE613F B018, F4HFE613F E002, F4HFE613F E003, F4HFE613G B004, F4HFE613G B006, F4HFE613J A006, F4HFE613J B005, F4HFE613J B007, F4HFE613J B008, F4HFE613K B002, F4HFE613K B015, F4HFE613P A003, F4HFE613P A004, F4HFE613R A003, F4HFE613R A004, F4HFE613R B005, F4HFE613R B006, F4HFE613R B006 921F, F4HFE613R B006 W230C, F4HFE613S A002, F4HFE613S A003, F4HFE613S B003, F4HFE613S B004, F4HFE613S B004 821F, F4HFE613S B004 W190C, F4HFE613T A004, F4HFE613T A005, F4HFE613T B002 721F, F4HFE613T B002 W170C, F4HFE613T B005, F4HFE613T B006, F4HFE613U A005, F4HFE613U A006, F4HFE613U B002, F4HFE613W B005, F4HFE613Y A005, F4HFE613Y B005, F4HFE613Z A005, F4HFE614A B004, F4HFE614A B006, F4HFE614A B008, F4HFP613D H005, F4HGE4135 V001, F4HGE4135 V003, F4HGE613A, F4HGE613A K001, F4HGE613A K003, F4HGE613A U001, F4HGE613A V001, F4HGE613A V003, F4HGE613A V005, F4HGE613A V007, F4HGE613A V009, F4HGE613B K001, F4HGE613B U001, F4HGE613B U003, F4HGE613B V002, F4HGE613B V005, F4HGE613B V007, F4HGE613B V009, F4HGE613C K001, F4HGE613R V002, F4HGE613R V004, N45ENTVP21.00A002, N45ENTVP23.00A002, N67ENTVP20.00A007, N67ENTVP22.00A002, N67ENTVP27.00A002

T5 Auto Command
T5.110, T5.110 MY21, T5.120, T5.120 MY21, T5.130, T5.130 MY21, T5.140, T5.140 MY21

T6 Auto Command
T6.140, T6.145, T6.145 Stage V, T6.145 Tier 4B, T6.145 Tier 4B MY18, T6.150, T6.155, T6.155 Stage V, T6.155 Tier 4B, T6.155 Tier 4B MY18, T6.160, T6.165 Stage V, T6.165 Tier 4B

T6 Series
T6.120, T6.125, T6.125 MY18, T6.145 Dual Clutch, T6.145 MY18, T6.155 Dual Clutch, T6.155 Tier 4, T6.160 Tier 4, T6.160 Tier 4B

T6000 Series
T1404, T1554, T1804, T1804B, T1804B (CHN)

T7000 Series
T2104 (CHN), T2304

If you’re unsure, contact us to confirm the suitability for your tractor.

We’ll guarantee that any part we recommend as a result will be the right one, or your money back.

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