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Propart Ricambi is known for unrivalled product knowledge for SAME tractor parts amongst our clients. We have been helping clients find the right parts for their SAME tractor for over 25 years. With our large stock holding of both new and used parts to suit SAME tractors, we know we can help you - get in contact with our team today.

When it comes to technical expertise for parts to suit SAME, nobody does it better!

SAME models we stock parts for:
  • Antares
  • Argon
  • Dorado
  • Dorado3
  • Dorado F
  • Dorado S
  • Dorado V
  • Explorer
  • Explorer 3
  • Explorer 3 Tier 3
  • Explorer II
  • Explorer II Special
  • Explorer Special
  • Frutteto II
  • Frutteto 3
  • Frutteto 3 Classic
  • Frutteto 3 Natural
  • Frutteto 3 S
  • Frutteto 3 V
  • Golden
  • Iron
  • Iron Tier 3
  • Iron 3 Tier 3
  • Laser
  • Row Crop
  • Rubin
  • Silver
  • Silver 3
  • Solaris
  • Solaris Tier 3
  • Tiger
  • Titan
  • Old Models
  • Commando Trem II (T1)
  • Commando Trem III A (T3)

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Popular SAME Parts

A small showcase of some popular SAME tractor parts. We have loads more in stock - get in touch with us now to secure the right parts for your tractor repair.

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High-quality OEM, aftermarket, and genuine parts in stock.

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